The Marina Centre and Boardwalk Cafe

The Marina Centre is a newly built development costing £26m. The site itself was of historical importance, especially to visitors and residents. As the old building was torn down, it was my job to create a hoarding that would enable those walking the promenade to enjoy and learn about the history while looking forward to what was to come. The end result was a story visualised on hoardings that spanned more than 180m in length and took the viewer on a journey through time.

In 2022 the center opened its doors to the public. But, not before a brand had been devised which represented the goals, aims, and history of the site. Originally a circular amphitheater, the location became synonymous with a circular shape. In addition, the seaside location was taken into account when creating the ‘M’ lettering for the center of the shape. Handwritten in a wave-like form allowed for a personal touch that reminds viewers of the nearby North Sea. It was also noted by some that the ‘M’ also looked like a heartbeat that allowed for the phrase, “the heartbeat of the community”, to be used. For you see, this isn’t just a leisure center. It’s a place for people to meet, groups to convene and problems to be solved.

As part of this branding concept, the identity of the cafe also needed to be created. In harmony with the main brand, the colours and shapes needed to bring a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to the space while being noticeable and approachable. This brand has to be my most career-defining job and the pride I feel when driving down the Golden Mile always escapes my face in a wide smile.