Venetian Waterways

Not long after joining Great Yarmouth Borough Council, I was approached to create a new identity for the Waterways, “a seven-acre park comprising of the Venetian Waterways, the Ornamental Gardens and Boating Lake, located just north of Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile.” Built in the 1920s as part of a relief committee to relieve the distress caused by unemployment due to World War I, the site is of great historical importance to the Town and its residents.

The logo takes its cues from the meandering water as it travels around the peaceful and idyllic waterways. The two arches can both represent the pathway the water takes as well as the bridges that cross it to allow visitors to enjoy a gentle walk through the beautiful gardens.

In 2019 this project was submitted to the ‘Adobe Government Creativity Awards’ where it received an Honorable Mention which you can see below: