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Lauren, 23, Graphic Designer


Such a simple idea which is what makes it so strong. I think people love knowing random facts about where they are (whether it is where they live or where you are visiting).

It’s a simple way to collect data as you’re not asking too much of people which will be effective. It is also a visually impacting project – if I walked past a drop spot I would 100% stop and look at what it is. I also love the Drop Spot ‘word of the year’ merchandise as I think its more classy than other Yarmouth ‘tat’ which will appeal to a different audience. Love it, you should be so proud of yourself!!!

Michelle, 58, Former Resident

The immersive – I would argue that this allows everyone to experience it without prejudice. By this I mean that if a physical visit is not possible due to illness or financial constraint etc. it still allows an individual to have some experience of it. This would then hopefully produce an audience for whom their ultimate goal would be to eventually visit and experience the place themselves.

The drop spots for me allow an individual to concentrate on their senses and feel part of the place. By giving feedback the individual then feels that they are important to the future, and history, of the place. I feel that people will feel a depth exists that they perhaps have not experienced before.
The incorporating of local history adds the mystery which will make people want to find out what happened, where and why.

I question whether designs need to be neutral to avoid influence- are we not trying to influence people by evoking discussion , opinions and therefore perhaps influencing people to visit a place and encourage others to do the same. The design is saying we are different and we offer you something that others do not.

The thinking requiring a mixture between resident and tourist is correct. The resident likes to be heard and have their opinions listened to, the resident needs to feel that it is a great place to live and have a certain air of proprietary. The tourist will feel that their thoughts and views are important and in turn perhaps be envious of those who live in such a place.

The idea of the merchandise, the tee shirts in particular, is excellent and I can see that the locals might want their own versions perhaps with their own dialect- remember “troughing”?

The child using the drop spot was wonderful.

For me it built, as reading a book would, it included history, drama, opened other possibilities and evoked thought, questions and included suspense- what happened next in the bootlace murder?

I would like to see the drop spots and immersive be used in Gt Yarmouth as it makes you become involved with the town. The possibilities are endless and can be adapted as the town changes and develops. The use of holograms would be amazing.

Mollie, 10, Young Resident

I would want to do the list but not read the story because it is a bit scary to me. I love that you can have a word writen on a top.

It would be interesting to have some facts come up in the story. It is easy to use. You can read the circle to tell you what to do so you dont get confused.

“I like that you could look through the hole to set the scene.”

I want to know what Great Yarmouth’s word of the year is!

Jodie, 35, Local School Teacher

This concept is a really great idea, it gives people of all ages the opportunity to be an active piece in the formulation of Great Yarmouth’s identity and it allows for the this to transition and change throughout the seasons and years.

The inclusivenss of the drop spots allows for everyone to be involved. To push this even further it would be good to see the design have several spots on each installation at different heights so children and wheelchair uses are able to get the full effect.

I really like the hidden histories element to this feature and think both residents and visitors to the area would find this interestign adn I am sure there are plenty to include over time.

The merchandise element provides a fun and ‘holidayness’ to the concept too. The idea of having a word of the year for Great Yarmouth will really make people feel involved and contrbute to the identity of Great Yarmouth, imagine seeing a word you provided through the middle of a stick of rock!

It is a brilliant concept that I really hope to see implemented across the borough.

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