Practice and Theory

Alec Dudson

a core belief that, “diversity in the creative industries is absolutely vital.”

If we have a society where only the rich can succeed in design,  “we lose that objectivity, that variety in perspective and quite quickly the creative industries just becomes yet another reflection of a very unbalanced world based on a capitalist society.”

Currently mainly exist on the web. Initially came into the world as a print magazine. Creating something tangible, internal, power and legitimacy.


“Picking a career always paralysed me”

Studied computer science for a year before dropping out. Worked in a packaging house before returning to education in Manchester. Sociology. Graduated with first-class honours. Continued studying for a MA. Saw a magazine called “boat”. Tone of voice, freedom – travel tourism.

Something I am really, really interested in.

How do I get into that industry?


Domus magazine – architecture and design. Couple of months.

Boat magazine – unpaid internship

Athens 2012 – upheaval riots

Photojournalism? Liked telling stories.

Saw stories come to life in print.

As a process of self-preservation started a kickstarter. 9 months of internships.

350 backers = >£7000

WB sued by interns who didn’t get paid. Good luck!

Press interest around magazine. (PIC)

Everyone gets paid

Fundamental values

Empty promise of exposure.

Made money from adverts at front and back of magazine.

Physical sales. Direct sales.

A New Chapter

shift focus into web editorial

business model?

Bring content to life.

Opportunity and visibility for advertisers and brands.

Retaining brands

Balance between interrupting editorial and ethics

Still continue with print.

Beyond Editorial

Building a brand


Offering a range of services.

Event organisation – own and for brands

Evolving / maturing

Youth culture


Young people issues through industry

Talks / workshops

“career-focused creative education”

Flexibility in developing a brand

Practice | Lecture 2 – Social Change UX

Joseph Pochodzaj

Graphic Designer, Researcher and Educator

How might we as gds establish….quote

Inspire transformational change.

Social Design


Tool for political transformation

Who do you think you are – where you are from and your values of utmost importance.

Bridge divides thinking about the “other” viewpoint

Local issues and global issues.

Look around you – what effects the people around you?

Seek the unseen.

Uncover truth

 Discover new perspectives

Contexts and histories

Meaning and history

Understanding history to predict the future

The Great Diary Project

Language and voice

Political manifestos and posters

Visual language and use of words

Language and disconnect between people and politics

Critical discourse analysis.

Publishing research is important.

Developed MA project into actual workstreams. Longer legacy

How people talk

Engage and Participate



By walking

Document research

Design as you go

Issue based UX

Age of no retirement

Age discrimination

Make it personal

Your own voice, values, experience

The way you see the world

Issue you engage with

Transformative projects

Practice | Lecture 3 – Academic Creative Practice

Ben Evan James

Making stuff – academic writing – research driven practice

PhD – guide, influence and conclude

Write, make, conclude, make

Authoring – many challenges

When we write things down, we see new connections but also new problems.

Writing for Phd have own codes and are subject driven in style and tone.

Approaching writing.

Research question(s) attempting to answer or respond to

Definition of methodology

Finding that “you don’t know something” – What you think you know.

Intelligence gathering.

What is the age, sex, and subject specialism of all MA graphic design students in Europe?

True and fair picture

How and why question:

Why are there few female designers in creative director roles?

Comparisons, predictions, evaluations

Add to the body of knowledge of the world – X

Building on what is already out there – YES

Tom Richards – sound

Felicity Hammond – photography

Browns questions-

What did I do?


What happened?

What results mean in theory?


Key benefit?

What remains unresolved?

“Learn, only in order to create”

Doing and thinking

How do people write about art and design? Language / style etc

Don’t overcomplicate it – KISS. Anyone can follow it.

Criticality within writing – not just opinion based.

Argument – considering evidence and counter arguments

Urge emphases protest

Signal verbs

Claim insist

Acknowledge admire endorse

Advocate warning

Be precise

Be more formal

More complex

Perfect Grammar.

Referencing and using these to support points.


Practice | Lecture 4 – Design Craft

Robert Green

The Doves press

Theory | Lecture 1 – Theorised Making

Ben Evan James

South kiosk – Arts council funded

Interested in film within space.

How film is experienced.

Gallery experience is different to cinema

How does narrative change?

How does present of the body and viewer change dynamic?

How do people engage with the film?

Hierarchy of space

Making films – PHD research

Nanouk of the north

Robert Flaggerty

Fictionalises him

Pure fiction?


Sans solei – chris marker

Essay film – post modernist


Bhopal legacy

Truth = fiction

Real / unreal

Post truth world

Alan Moore

Truth, myth and magic

Science won

Re-entered popular culture

Truth has lost the battle

  1. what are the properties of parafiction when applied to film?
  2. why can parafiction be viewed as the most compatible mode of documentary for our time?
  3. what approaches to the application of parafiction can curatorial practice learn from film?

Parafictions introduce a fiction into the world as fact – well, a lot of the mythic nationalism within Kazakhstan is introduced into the world as fact.

huge area of research and then talk about how my practice, of how making this film has helped me to define some of these qualities that I see is parafiction. And actually, see if they can be used as strategies. Can I make a film based on the things that I think parafiction is? Is it possible? How does that film operate? And is it successful?

A Street Loud with Echoes.

Theory | Lecture 2 – Research Led Report

Chris Lacey and Bec Worth

Theory | Lecture 3 – Professionally / Studio/ Credentials Orientated Report


NYC design studio

Met at Google creative lab

Digital tech disruption

Closed company Feb 2019

Released google drive link on how they built their company

Outline services you could offer – business plan

Marketing tool?

Discovery questionnaire

Defining goals


Which questions are relevant? Which aren’t? Why?

Financial records

brand identities, brand voice and messaging, concept sprints, marketing conception, marketing execution, editorial illustration, visual design, website work and speaking engagement

master services agreement – Legal team? UK?

lost business feedback.

Hawraf’s capability deck, their master deck. This has a lot of supercool projects on.

trap of designing for designers when they usually aren’t our clients

“You should, over time, also end up with something that has a hundred plus slides.”

the project proposal


estimated costs

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